Blinds – Venetian

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Efficient solar shading with style

Functional, modern and attractive

Wide colour choice with colour coordination

Range of slat types including aluminium and wood

Six control types including electric.

VN220 Standard Venetian blind system
The reasons for the increasing popularity of Venetian blinds are exemplified by the VN220 system. Clean lines, a large range of attractive colours and trouble-free operation, make it the designer’s first choice.
VN225 Privacy Venetian blind system
Where privacy is important this ingenious design gives all the advantages of the Venetian blind, together with the complete closure of the slats, with the lift-cord route fully concealed.
VN320 Mono-controlled Venetian blind system
For those who find it inconvenient to have separate controls for lift and tilt, the mono-control Venetian is the answer.
VN340 Electrically operated Venetian blind system
The ultimate Venetian for ease of operation, this product operates smoothly, quietly and effortlessly.
VN420 Timber Venetian blind system
Luxurious and fashionable, with the warmth of real wood slats, available in
a wide range of finishes.