Load-Release Suspension System

anti ligature manor blinds

Load-release systems to reduce risk of self-harm by patients.

Curtain tracks, coat hooks, wardrobe rails, towel rails.

Discreet protection for psychiatric areas.

• Anti-ligature systems
• Vitesse curtain track and roller blinds with Kestrel magnetic suspension system
Designed to complement the high performance and pleasing appearance of the Vitesse hand-drawn track. Vitesse is an aluminium track. Lightweight yet strong with roller runners, it’s ideally suited to all hospital applications.
• Movatrack shower track with Kestrel magnetic suspension system
The Kestrel system relies only on magnetic attraction to retain its load, there is no mechanical obstruction even if the excess load is applied at an angle to the vertical. Roller hooks, standard on Movatrack, are an essential feature on collapsible tracks to ensure that curtains will always run freely, as any jamming will increase the risk on inadvertent release.
Kestrel load-release towel rail and rail hook sets, coat hooks
The Kestrel towel rail, rail hook set and coat hook, look smart and functional. But apply an abnormal load and it will part promptly, efficiently and without damage.
Movatrack cubicle track with Kestrel magnetic suspension system
Movatrack with Kestrel offers a high respected track system with the security of the acclaimed Kestrel magnetic suspension system – designed to complement each other. Movatrack with Kestrel uses magnetic wall-fix brackets where tracks meet the wall, and magnetic top-fix brackets where suspension hangers meet the ceiling. This ensures that, under excess load, the suspension hanger separates from the ceiling bracket – an essential safety feature, as it is surprisingly easy to attach a cord to a fixed vertical rod and use it as a ligature point.